Our Approach

A company with glorious experiences and effective role in telecommunication, security and electronic systems scope has been registered in 1995.
(Part) Techno Hefaz Kish and its professional – experienced team within about a couple of decades has left an admirable track of itself through several succeeded projects, and during the time and overcoming all troubles and major changes now is one of the most well-known companies in the area, and also could be reminded with other names such as Ejaz Payam, Paydar gaman, TechnoSystems and finally the graceful name of Technohefaz .

The Values

Technohefaz major services:

  • Design, planning, installation and commissioning of CCTVs.
  • Computer based systems and networks, planning and performing, both.
  • Designing and installation of multimedia systems for Hospitality Projects .
  • Planning, installation and commissioning of central antenna setup, security and fire systems for Hospitality Projects.
  • Lighting and light effects, design and performing.
  • Design, install and commissioning of availability control systems.

Technohefaz as a ip Based Hospitality designer, performer and consultant is honored to give services and goods with all quality and requested brands in the soonest period of time.
For more information do not hesitate to contact us via mentioned information in Contact Page .